Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A little bit of background information!

How we became US!

I was born and raised in small town Indiana. I didn't always live an easy life as my mother was very young when she and my father were blessed with my arrival. However, that negative doesn't quite overshadow all of the positives that I can count for being a child of a young mother! Because my mother was young, I was given the opportunity to have several teenage mommy's love me and care for me! Almost all of my mother's teen friends are currently still people that I know and love. I also was always able to be around my grandparents of both sides of the family which helped me develop a relationship with them that I might not have had if I didn't basically live with them! I attended elementary, middle, and high school in a small town and could not wait until I was old enough to leave. Upon my high school graduate I left the small town for bigger city living. I attended undergraduate at a private Christian school that cost me a small fortune. I pursued my degree in psychology because at the time I was sure I would make a 6 figure salary...BOY WAS I WRONG! While in college I met some great friends that despite our differences have always been a huge influence on me and who I wanted to be. I knew with their great role modeling that I would surely make a difference someday. I met my husband, who also attended the same high school as I did, my senior year of college and we quickly reconnected. We moved back to our hometown after my graduation and quickly bought a house and got engaged. After our engagement we found out that we were expecting. This was not something that we planned, but welcomed it with open arms. We found out in November that we were expecting a baby boy. We quickly got married in August before we welcomed our son. In March of 2009 we welcomed a healthy baby boy named Braylin. He was more than I ever could have asked for. He was my pride and my joy. Everyone seemed to dote on him, which has probably caused him to be the drama king that he is today. 9 months after Braylin made his grand entrance we found out that we were expecting baby number 2. I was devastated. This again, was not a planned pregnancy but it he was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. 9 months later, in September of 2010 we welcomed another healthy baby boy named Brodie into the world. He was amazing. I never realized that I could feel that feeling again after Braylin, but there it was for me all over again to embrace. At this point I decided that I didn't need to work anymore and I needed to focus on our boys. I stayed home with them and started working on a Masters degree in mental health counseling. I needed something outside of the boys to keep my mind busy. 6 months after Brodie arrived my husband got word that he needed to go to Tennessee to help on a multi million dollar job for his company so we picked up, moved to Tennessee, and started life over again. This was a huge move for me, as I was scared to death to be so far away from my family again. The adjustment was hard, but was well worth it once I started to dive into being a lady of the south. Tennessee turned out to be the love of my life. I loved everything about this state as it was beautiful, the weather was amazing, and the people were so friendly. I loved our new independence we had as a young family. I started applying for jobs to try and get out of the house. I ended up with an interview and got the job the same day. This was a blessing in disguise for me and my family. I quickly started as an in home counselor working with at risk youth and their family's. Adjusting to being a full time mother, wife, counselor, and graduate student was intensely complicated and it took me months to balance out. Eventually I was able to balance this out to a point that was manageable. I ended up meeting a ton of new friends that are all truly amazing. I loved everything about our little life. In the spring of 2013 my husband got a notice that work would soon be ending in Tennessee and that he would need to move back to Indiana. I was devastated. I was so concerned that I would lose what we had in Tennessee to include my job. Quickly my company helped me find opportunity in Indiana for me in the offices that were newly opening. We moved back in March of 2013 to the still cold and snowy state of Indiana. I quickly started working at the new offices in Indiana and adjusted to life again in our home state. I finished my Masters degree in July of this year and cannot wait to start supervision and the licensure process....One of these days I will be legit right?! As for now, we are just an ordinary family trying to make our way in the world!

Here is a snippet of a mommy and her boys day that we were able to have courtesy of Scarlet Fever and Impetigo! (We sure do love Maroon 5)


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