Sunday, August 4, 2013

FINALLY...a night out!

So, I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my very first blog! I was really shocked that so many people read! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

So last night was a much needed night out for me and a few friends! I bought concert tickets to the Honda Civic tour which featured Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5...two of my favs!!! I was so excited to have a girls day that I had to make it all about us girls! We went shopping, which ended up in chaos due to the kids in the area going back to school, came home and got ready, and headed out! I was so happy when we finally arrived and I could sit and relax in the grass with other fans! I instantly took advantage of my once in a lifetime freedom and bought a drink! To my surprise that drink set me back $9 dollars!!!!! WHO CAN AFFORD THAT? So we made our way to the lawn and found a nice spot that we could see. Upon spreading out the blanket we found that the neighboring concert goers were not pleased and continued to give us the stink eye for at least 20 minutes. It didn't was not going to ruin my night. Rozzi Crane opened up and she was surprisingly pretty good! I felt bad for her because not too many people even acknowledged that there was someone on the stage! After she finished her set Kelly came on and let me just say....SHE ROCKED IT! I loved her! She was barefoot and wore sunglasses for half of her set! She was amazing! After Kelly things started to get interesting! There were several people around us that had been drinking (heavily) throughout the evening! One fellow that caught my eye was a young kid, probably about 15 or so, who was doing some sort of rain dance/river dance/two stepping all over the grass! He was really going at it and I was pretty impressed! Another lady rolled down a hill and happened to land under this little lad's feet. Needless to say she started to get sick and probably will regret 90% of decisions made after this point in the night. There were also several older couples behind me that stepped on my $12 dollar sandwich and spilled a beer on the back of me! They were very intoxicated, but were singing and yelling. I really enjoyed that they were enjoying themselves, but most of all enjoyed the way they unbuttoned their shirts half way and yelled for Adam Levine to take it off! So that is where my night was supposed to end, however there was still a drive home! We got behind the slowest traffic in the world on the interstate only to realize that the car in front of us held a ripe young couple who were taking their time with one another in their car. I was highly embarrassed by this and somewhat annoyed that they were really making the traffic jam worse! BUT in true lady-like fashion my friends insisted on honking and shining my lights right into their rear-view to ensure them that they were BUSTED! All in all, I would say my night out was a success! Upon returning home I was welcomed by a 4 year old with a fever and a husband who was somewhat cranky due to the stories I told him! ***HOORAY for girls night out!***

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  1. Blasted them only as a lady could! lol :) Good post! YOU'RE A BLOGGER!!!! And you had a wonderful time! "Vut iz my name?"