Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Of course we are part of the less than 2%....

So after my mommy's night out, I returned to sick children. Upon waking up the next morning I found my eldest child was suffering from a pretty high fever and complained of a sore throat. This was nothing I didn't expect so I treated with tylenol, fluids, and love. Of course, this couldn't be an isolated "cold". Last night my son started to complain that his mouth hurt. I checked his mouth and noticed tons of tiny bumps inside his mouth, on his tongue, and all over his body. He was red all over and was complaining of it being a little painful. Of course, I panic and check my other son who also displayed symptoms of a similar rash but was not as bad off. I instantly took them to an immediate care clinic. We were seen after about an hour wait by 3 different doctors who all could not conclude what the rash, or "hee-bee-gee-bees" as they were calling it, was. They ran a strep test and both tests for the children came back negative. We were sent home with a useless piece of paper that I could have googled myself stating that my child could have mono, measles, german measles, roseola, or another ridiculous skin rash. I was very upset by this as they just recommended that I take 10 days off of work and give my children some TLC. I have no problem with TLC, but I am sure that my employer is not going to allow me 10 days of sick time for a rash that cannot be diagnosed. I was able to schedule them both for a doctors appointment with their normal pediatrician who explained that my oldest son, in fact had strep throat and that it had turned into scarlet fever. My youngest son had impetigo. I with the rest of the population believed that scarlet fever was something of the 1900's when people would die over their illness and had no clue it was something of today. I googled the amount of people who get this illness in a year and it was something like 2000 people get this illness yearly...really???? I feel like my kids always get the "hee-bee-gee-bees" in the weirdest form! Needless to say I am happy and thankful that the doctor was able to give me the answer that I needed and my job accepted that I needed 24 hours off to give my children the TLC and antibiotics that they need!

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